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Seth Godin's Dip Tour

June 6, 2007

Last week, May 29, 2007, I took a trip into NYC to attend the Dip tour by Seth Godin.

It was great to see and hear Seth in person. As the founder of Squidoo
I am very impressed by his marketing skills.
As a lensmaster on Squidoo, I am interested in what he has to say about the future of Squidoo.

Unfortunately, due to heavy traffic, I was late getting to the seminar.
It was a packed room with 120 attendees. I missed his talk and caught the Q/A at the end. However, I don’t think it was a big loss. I got the gist of his ideas from reading the book on the train ride going home. It was a short 80 pages and small book 7”x4”. I wrote an Amazon review on the book.

Amazon review

Along with the $50 registration fee, I did get the 5 copies of the book and some magazines, and I was able to get Seth to sign 3 copies (one for me and 2 for other lensmasters). I also took a photo with Seth.
You can see my photo with Seth at my biography lens -

The main question for some of us lensmasters was what Seth sees as the future of Squidoo.
His answer was straight forward and clear.
He sees Squidoo growing about 20% per month and very successful.
He has no intention of selling Squidoo and he sees adding incremental improvements and modules to enhance Squidoo and fix some growing pains in the coming months.
I was satisfied with this answer and I take him at his word that no big changes are in the works. He likes to keep it “Small.”

Here are some notes I took at the Q/A.
1. Make sure you market to the “right’ people.
2. Make promises and keep it.
3. Transparency is best but renegotiate if necessary…
4. Luck plays a big role.
5. Take risks…
6. There is no scarcity without dip.
7. Best advice for 16 year old, “do something for themselves”. Accomplish something will give them confidence. Rejecting Harvard is not necessarily a bad thing.
8. For startup business, his advice is threshing early is better than threshing at the end…
9. Don’t use SEO as a crutch. Must have something “good” to market.
10. Be the best at something…

At the end of the book, Seth has a random list of “bests” including the following
Megan Casey, Gil Hildebrand Jr., Leica, Elvis,, Rolex, Coach, Peet’s…

My conclusion:

Seth undoubtedly is a great marketeer. The concept of the Dip tour is also a novel way to publicize his new booklet. I wish I had his wisdom 10 years ago. I don’t regret my career or my many dips. That’s life. It does bring to mind some of the current lensmasters at Squidoo. Lately, some are disillusioned with the future prospect of Squidoo. Some of the latest growing pains seem to cast doubt in some people’s mind. The failure for Squidoo to publish their financials is also a concern on some.
The big question for some is – should they continue with Squiodoo or quit and do something else? Personally, I am sticking with Squidoo. I never expected much coming in and the results so far have been great. I even wrote a squidbook about my experience (How I became a Squidoo Addict?)
I will continue to make suggestions and criticize when necessary pushing Squidoo forward. I hope Squidoo will become a big success for all of us.

My Biography on Squidoo:

My Squidbook:



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