Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My accomplishments in 2006

Accomplishments of 2006:

Instead of making a New Year resolution each year, I thought it would be more productive to write an end of year accomplishments. This is more meaningful since it shows some actual deeds instead of a list of hopes.
In the beginning of 2006, I read an inspiring book called “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. It motivated me to do something different but hopefully with more impact.
Here is my list of major accomplishments for 2006.

1. I’ve created a Family Tree website on www.tribalpages.com – It currently includes 115 people and photos of most of our family members and additional photos of interest; some are old photos that I reproduced digitally using my digital camera. Here is the link:
Tribal Pages

2. I’ve created 24 Squidoo lens on various topics including “Solutions to the Iraq War”, “9/11 Resources and Information” and “History of the National Woman’s Party”. The links to my lens are here:

3. I volunteered over 50 hours at the Westchester Archives – scanning old B/W photos of John Gass. We were given an award luncheon and the County Executive Andy Spano presented each of us with a certificate. See the photo here:
My Bio

4. I was called to serve on a Grand Jury for 30 days in NYC. As part of this experience, I learned about the current crisis in our justice system with regard to illegal aliens. I wrote a letter to our elected representatives. It is posted on my blog along with some of the responses I received.
My blog posting

5. I volunteered to assist with the Photo exhibit at the 5th anniversary of 9/11 at Ground Zero. It featured photos by Jonathan Hyman.
Photo Exhibit

6. I wrote a letter to Governor Pataki and the Journal News complaining about the new Trump State Park sign. It was published in the letters section of the Journal News. My letter

7. I wrote 6 guides on eBay and received over 100 positive feedbacks. My two most successful guides are about Repairing the Palm Tungsten E2 and a guide on Digital Photography techniques.
My guides

8. I’ve posted quite a few digital photos on my photo album at Webshots.
My photo album

9. My personal accomplishment includes losing 4 pounds on the Atkins Diet.

10. I also started exercising and training for fencing. I have not touched a weapon for 25 years ever since my college days. I am training at the Fencing Academy of Westchester along with my son Jason.


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