Thursday, November 09, 2006

Reaction to the 2006 election results

Reaction to the 2006 election results:

I have two reactions to the Democrats taking over control of Congress post the 2006 mid-term election.

One, I was disappointed by the small turnout for such an important election (only 40%) and the fact that some good Republican candidates lost.

Two, I was encouraged by the civility of the loosing party candidates.
There was no calling the election invalid or stolen or fraud or suppression of votes.
There was no drawn out call for recounts in close races.
There was no lawyers ready to pounce.
There was no calling for “power sharing” in light of such close results in the Senate (51-49).
There was no effort to get a senator to switch sides as during the 2001 cycle when Jim Jeffords switch party to keep the majority power in the Democrats hands.

Going forward, I look forward to proposals by the Democratic leadership to solve some of our problems.

The beauty of our system is that every two years, we get to choose. We get the government we deserve (if we voted) else you have no right to complaint.

The bad news is that our President will be weakened in the last two years of his Presidency.
The good news is that the whining and attacks from the Democrats will end and they will have to come up with some ideas.

We still have problems that need solutions.
• Iraq war…
• Broken borders and illegal immigration
• Social Security shortfall
• Energy dependence on foreign oil
• Deficit spending and wasted pork

As a conservative, I’m not sorry that the Republican lost power in Congress. They did not do a good job in my book and deserved to loose. Perhaps some introspection is helpful.
I always believe that a strong two party system works best and provide checks and balances to unbridled power.

My regret is that President G. W. Bush will be hurt. Perhaps, history will be kinder to his legacy. He is a good and honorable man and the personal attacks on him were unjustified.


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