Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My letter to Governor Pataki re: Trump State Park

November 28, 2006
Dear Governor Pataki:

My name is Jack Lee, a long time resident of Westchester County. Recently, I noticed two new signs appearing on the side of the Taconic Parkway, one northbound and one southbound near the Baldwin Rd. Exit. It has the name “Donald J. Trump State Park”. I realize that this plot of land was donated by Mr. Trump to the State to be used as a public park. I am thankful for Mr. Trump’s generosity however; I am bothered by the tackiness of his name being chosen for the park and the road signs stating the same.
It seems to me there are more appropriate ways to honor Mr. Trump and to show our gratitude without being overbearing. A plaque may be a better tribute than naming the Park which should be chosen by a set of guidelines which I’m sure you are aware of.
Here is one such guideline from Portland: link:
Also, it seems to me that most names given to Parks are meant to honor a deceased person for their contribution to the community or the Country. It is rare that a living person’s name was honored in such a manner.
I hope the NY State Parks department will r-consider this decision and correct this faux pas.


Jack Lee
Yorktown Hts. NY 10598

Here is the link to story in the Journal News (including photo of sign)-


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Something you began years ago may be coming to fruition

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