Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Solution to the North Korean Crisis

What the US should do about North Korea?

Jack Lee
Yorktown Hts. NY

October 11, 2006

In light of recent development in North Korea, especially the claim that they have detonated a nuclear bomb underground test, what should be our response?
I have study this situation and read up on past policies which has been a failure to say the least.
Let me make it clear, the villian here is North Korea's Kim Jong Il and not anybody else.

I do have a solution and it is a simple one.

I must refer back to my hero President Ronald Reagan for his foresight in dealing with a rogue nation such as North Korea. He provided the resource and the leadership in pursuing SDI as the ultimate defense against MAD (mutual assured destruction).

First, we must complete the SDI(BMDO) goal of being able to shoot a missile out of the sky. We have completed several tests that seem promising. We need to implement the system as quickly as possible.

Second, we should stop all talks with North Korea, bilaterally or within the six party frameworks as proposed by the Bush Administration. It is a waste of time to talk with them.

Third, we will notify their government through back channel that we have no intention of invading them or attack them at this time. We are a peaceful nation but will not be blackmailed. If they continue to pursue nuclear weapons, be forewarned. If any of their technology is sold outside of N. Korea, we will stop them.

Forth, we will assist all our allies in the area, (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan…) with anti-missile defenses. This is strictly a defensive posture.

Fifth, if North Korea tries to launch a missile against any of their neighbors, we will be forced to defend against such aggression and will respond by launching attack on Pyongyang and targeting Kim Jong Il, its current leader.

Sixth, the US and the UN would stop all threats of sanctions against North Korea because as we have seen in the past with Iraq and others, sanctions only hurt the people and not their government. I would work with their economic/business community to help build up their economy and feed their people in a humanitarian way. We should let the people of North Korea know that we are not their enemy. They have been brainwashed by their government.



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