Friday, May 12, 2006

How to repair Palm Tungsten E2 (replace battery)

How to replace the rechargeable battery on a Palm Tungsten E2:

Tools required:

1. TORX T5 screw driver (gotten from web or included as part of the battery order)
2. Small flat tipped screw driver (i.e. for repair of glasses)
3. glue

Part required:
Replacement battery (Palm Tungsten E2 Replacement Battery 1050mAh GA1Y41551) – approx. cost $20 on eBay.
1. Turn over the Palm PDA on the backside and place on a flat surface.
2. Use the TORX screw driver and remove the 4 screws at the corners.
3. Use the small flat screwdriver and separate the bottom half of the case from the body. Be careful not to probe too deep into the device. Work slowly around all the edges and slowly rock the 2 parts apart. There are 4 slots on the sides that hold the 2 parts together. There is not too much room for the 2 pieces to be separated due to the wire connection between the battery and the mother board.
4. Once apart, the battery is located on the back side of the case with a small wire connected to a connector that is plugged on the mother board.
5. Use the small flat screw driver to separate the connector and the two parts should be free.
6. Again use the small flat driver and pry off the battery from the back of the case.
7. Replace the new battery in the same position and orientation using a small amount of glue to hold it in place.
8. Plug the wire onto the mother board, the plug is keyed and will only go in one way. Push to snap in place.
9. Replace the back by aligning the four screws and carefully snap into place.
10. Replace the four screws using the TORX screw driver. Do not over tighten.

Recharge fully and perform "reset". Good as new!!!

Jack Lee
May12, 2006


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