Thursday, March 23, 2006

Iraq war - 3 years

War in Iraq – 3 years later

What is missing from the current debate on Iraq is the comparison between the current Iraq situation and what if Saddam is still in power?

The war in Iraq was a preemptive war. It came about due to a dramatic change in US foreign policy post 9/11. President Bush has made it clear that we are in a post 9/11 world view.
Let’s look at the state of Iraq at this moment:

1. They have had free elections for the first time in their long history.
2. They are living free and women are able to attend school and work outside of the home.
3. They are rebuilding their infra structure with the help of the coalition after years of neglect.
4. The world is safer and has one less despot to deal with.
5. Saddam is in jail and under trial for crimes against humanity.
6. We are fighting an insurgency that is willing to kill innocent people.
7. Iraq does not have any WMD to threaten us and won’t be pursuing them for the future.

Compare this to what Iraq would have been if Saddam was left in power.

1. We will probably still be debating at the UN and passing more resolutions to sanction Iraq.
2. The people of Iraq will be continuing to suffer under Saddam and the sanctions by the West. We will be portrayed as the enemy and accused of starving the children and withholding medicine.
3. The UN oil for food program will still be in operations and bring riches to Saddam and his enablers.
4. Saddam will use the money from the oil to pursue more WMD programs and build more palaces.
5. He will grow stronger with each passing day while the UN and the world community debate at infinitum.
6. Once he has developed a nuclear weapon, we will have to deal with that - just as we are struggling with North Korea and Iran at this very moment.
7. Saddam will be emboldened to stick it to the West and continue to support more suicide bombings in Israel and elsewhere destabilizing the mid east region.

The bottom line is what is a better scenario for the world. Are we better off without Saddam or not? Is the price we pay now worth the result?

A third outcome is possible in Iraq and this has little to do with what we are doing. The Iraqi people could decide to break out into civil war where one group will attempt to over power another group and create a theocracy. This is not what we would prefer but it may be a possible outcome. This has happened in the past in other regions of the world. If the Sunni and the Shites cannot live together in harmony, then they will fight. It would not be pretty and it can get violent. Unfortunately, that is how differences are settled sometimes. Whoever wins in the end, it will still be a stable government – unlike the regime of Saddam. That is the worst case outcome scenario in my opinion but still better than letting Saddam stay in power. What say you – all who are opposed to the current war in Iraq? What is your solution or preference?

-Jack Lee
Yorktown Hts. NY


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