Sunday, March 20, 2005

What is "right" with America?

What is "right" with America?

Here are some thoughts to counter the Michael Moore, the French and the UN and other world citizens who claim that America and Americans are stupid and the cause of the world’s problems.

1. Most Americans are generous and contribute to many charities. They help the poor, the oppressed and the helpless with their money.
2. Most Americans are volunteers in their schools, hospitals, fire/rescue houses, senior centers, churches …
3. Most Americans are good neighbors and will help people without being asked. If your car breaks down on the road, someone will pull over to offer assistance.
4. Most Americans are law abiding and believe in justice and have a common sense for right and wrong.
5. Most Americans believes in conservation and the protection of wildlife and our environment.
6. Americans are innovators and are making our lives better and easier including new medicines, machines, technology.
7. Americans are champion for freedom and are willing to sacrifice their lives to free the oppressed.
8. Most Americans are religious and believe in a higher being.
9. Most Americans are hard working and work long hours at their jobs.
10. Most Americans are non-judgmental and believes in live and let live philosophy.
11. Americans are caring especially in time of crisis, such as earthquake, hurricanes, famine and other natural disasters.
12. Americans are optimist and believe that they can make a difference and tomorrow will be better than today.


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